Endossage Therapy System


The Endossage Therapy System is designed for pelvic pain professionals and patients to comfortably and gently treat symptoms of patients with a range of pelvic pain disorders. Indications my include conditions stemming from vaginismus, post par dum vaginal trauma, post surgical discomfort from prolapse and bladder mesh surgeries as well as other uro-gynecological situations.

The Endossage Therapy System for Clinicians is designed for pelvic pain, urological, gynecological, and physical therapy professionals to treat symptoms of patients on an in-patient basis.

Interchangeable attachments allow clinicians to treat a range of patients with one device, yet allow for specific patient needs.


Endossage for Home Use

The Endossage Therapy System for Home Use is designed to allow patients the option of administering therapy to themselves in the privacy and comfort of their own home. It is ergonomically designed to allow the patient ease of self use while allowing the same therapies and options applied by in patient visits to a clinician.