Medical Technology Professionals

GreMedix employs and consults experts in the fields of medicine, biotechnology, and therapeutic arts during every step of the design process.

The intent is to draw from every corner of the medical technology community during design and production of our products. It is a "whole picture" approach to conditions aimed at not simply addressing the symptoms; but understanding and moving toward minimally invasive cures where possible.

Innovation and Rediscovery

GreMedix uses currently proven and innovative techniques in the field of medical technology.

We constantly research new ideas in the treatment of medical conditions. Our belief is that there is always something new to be discovered and applied in the treatment of ailments.

In addition we revisit old approaches, once thought primitive, to understand their unexplored and underestimated potential. GreMedix applies new technologies to those treatments to more scientifically extract the under utilized advantages of these older therapies.

Rapid Design, Prototyping, and Production

The advent of lower cost, high quality, 3D printing has been a transformative force at GreMedix. This quickly maturing technology along with availability other low cost prototyping and production techniques has allowed GreMedix to design, prototype and test new designs and approaches in matter of hours and days rather than weeks and months. Our in house prototyping and production capabilities allow us to bring products to market quickly and less expensively than the outsourced alternatives. These methods also allows us a higher degree of quality control, domestic production, and the ability to customize products when needed.