Endossage for Clinicians

The Endossage Therapy System for Clinicians is designed for pelvic pain professionals to comfortably and gently treat symptoms of patients with a range of pelvic pain and uro-gynecological disorders.


The ergonomic control grip and angled attachment head allow the clinician the ability to apply the therapy comfortably and consistently while minimizing clinician effort. The therapeutic motions are designed to mimic clinician physical manipulation as closely as possible. The medical device should decrease clinician fatigue encountered with the repetitive motion of therapy sessions as well as, in some cases, encourage patient therapy participation where personal contact is undesirable for some reason.


Interchangeable attachments are available in a variety of lengths and diameters to suit a patient's specific therapeutic needs. Different motions are also available in dilation and gentle massage. A combination of motion along with vibration are available if so desired.


The ability to change attachments is necessary as it allows for a range of therapy options as well as allows the clinician to vary modes of therapy on a per patient basis. It also allows the clinician to vary the therapy for a particular patient as their condition changes or improves.


Ability to swap out attachments is also key in reducing therapy costs since the attachments are designed to be easily replaced as they wear or if they are damaged.