The Endossage Therapy System for Home is was carefully developed for patient home use.


Maintaining all of the functionality of the clinical version, the home use model is designed to allow a patient to maintain a therapeutic regiment in the comfort and privacy of their own home. It allows patients the ability of self treatment where in-patient visits are not possible or inconvenient, or if the patient feels uncomfortable with direct clinician contact.


The hand control was modeled for a comfort grip and one hand access to all of the control button functions.


An extended flexible neck allows the patient to remain in a reclined and relaxed posture while maintaining pressure on the affected areas targeted for therapy. This is crucial for proper home therapy minimizing muscular tension that may be unwanted during self help sessions.


Interchangeable attachments are available in a variety of lengths and diameters to suit a patient's specific therapeutic needs. Different motions are also available in dilation and gentle massage. A combination of motion along with vibration are available if so desired.


The ability to change attachments is necessary as it allows the patient a range of therapy options as well as allows the patient to graduate to other modes of therapy as their condition improves. Ability to swap out attachments is also key in reducing therapy costs since the attachments are designed to be easily replaced as they wear or if they are damaged.